He was only six years old when he disappeared from the front yard of his home in Mousie, Kentucky on February the 12, 1982.

I’ve browsed through pages of news articles to try and find as much information as possible. Unfortunately, most of them come back with FILE NOT FOUND; but according to what I could find, it looks like there had been a decent snowfall the night before and that school had been canceled. The best order of chronological events I can come up with is as follows:

  • 11 AM, Kelly went outside to play in the snow. His mom, Judy, told him not to leave the front yard.
  • 4 PM came, and Judy checked on Kelly before she walked across the road to use her neighbors’ phone. When she walked back across the road, Kelly was gone. She thought he’d just went to a friends house to watch television.
  • 6PM, dinner was on the table, but Kelly hadn’t come home. Judy ate, then went to get Kelly from his friends house…but they said they hadn’t seen Kelly at all that day; and that’s when she realized, he was missing.

That’s when Judy went to her boyfriend’s grandmothers house and asked to use the phone. They said no. For some reason, they wouldn’t allow her to use the phone until after midnight. She did call the police once she was allowed to make a call, but that was around six hours AFTER Judy realized Kelly was missing. I think, for myself, this is one of the most perplexing, and frustrating points of this case. Why would you not let a mother use the phone to call the police to report her missing child? But, why didn’t she go to another neighbors house to ask to use the phone? I’m absolutely positive someone would have had the good conscious to let her report that Kelly was missing.

Family members and neighbors began looking for him as soon as they heard what was happening.

The official police search didn’t begin until dawn the following day. Over the next few weeks, police searched in water wells, creeks, the nearby abandoned mines, they even checked under porches and in sheds and storage buildings.

There has never been a named suspect, although at one time Judy was a person of interest.

Now, with the basic information I’ve been able to find, it brings up so many questions about what exactly happened that day.

When searching on google maps, you can see that this is a small road, a small community. I’m not entirely sure how it looked in the early 80’s, but either way, it’s small enough that you’d think a strange vehicle would not go unnoticed. This is listed as a non-family abduction, but nowhere can I find the mention of a vehicle being seen in that area around the time that Kelly disappeared.

Also, was Judy the only one home at the time of his disappearance? The information available is extremely limited since the local news doesn’t seem to archive any of their stories.  I managed to find a topix post related to the case, but if you know anything about the internet… you know topix isn’t really the best place to look for information. I did read through the various posts, which was mostly people throwing around accusations with no evidence. There was someone posting that claimed to be Kelly’s cousins. I emailed them, hoping I could ask some questions. I also emailed the current detective assigned to Kelly’s disappearance.

Neither replied.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age progression of what Kelly would look like now:

age progression1


If you have any information about this missing child, please contact the Kentucky State Police at (606) 435-6069.

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