Starina Woods, 34, was last seen alive on March 10, 2016, at her home in Charleston, West Virginia. After not hearing from her for over two months, a family member reported her missing on May 19th. A family member. Not her husband. Let’s keep that in mind.

In my humble opinion, that is enough reason to be immediately suspicious of him. Aside from the fact that the investigating officers determined that there had been an altercation between Star and her husband before she went missing, according to her family he had a habit of being abusive toward her.

Starina’s husband told police that he thought she’d ‘ran off’ to Ecuador with another man. They took the lead, and it came back fruitless. As so often these types of leads do. Homeland Security provided that Starina didn’t even have a US Passport, and there had been absolutely no documentation of a border crossing.

He said she’d withdrawn a large amount of money from their bank account, somewhere around $29,000. She did not.

Her cellphone was never turned on again after March 11th.. however, someone was using her debit card to make numerous purchases and pay bills. One of which was for minutes for a pre-paid cell phone, and the purchase was actually made from the husbands work computer.

In June, a search warrant was served on the husband for their home. Investigators say a SIGNIFICANT amount of blood was discovered; Some visible to the naked eye, but the majority was not. It was hers. To give a little more information, the blood was found throughout the home. The front door. The stairs. The living room. That sounds pretty indicative of a struggle.

Her case was changed from a missing person investigation to a homicide.

Unfortunately, the two months it took for her to be reported missing is more than enough time to dispose of a body.

If you have any information to help bring closure to this family, please contact the West Virginia State Police at 1-304-348-6480.

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