Carson Williams//Eugene Gabbard Jr//Derryl Miller//Rodger Mosley.

These men are all missing, but with little to no information available about their disappearances. They still deserve to have their names remembered.


Carson Williams


Carson Williams, 43, vanished January 1, 2000, from Salyersville, Ky. It was believed he may have been in the Mount Sterling area, but no leads were ever found. Please contact Magoffin County Sheriff’s Office 606 349-2914, with any information.


Eugene Gabbard Jr.

Eugene Gabbard Jr., 24, was last seen January 14, 1985, in Jackson, Ky. If you think you may know something, call the Kentucky State Police 606-435-6069


Derryl Miller

Derryl Miller, 20, was last seen December 30, 2005, in Inez, Ky. He was suicidal and was on medication. Martin County Sheriff 606-298-2828


Rodger Mosley

Rodger Mosley, 33, disappeared from Rockhouse, Ky on August 13, 1991. He left home on his three-wheeler, which was later found wrecked over an embankment..but there was no sign of Rodger. Please call KSP at 606-435-6069 with any information.





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