Pulaski County Jane Doe

NamUS lists her as NamUs UP#83, Case # FA-1995-35. She was found on July 2, 1995, in Nancy, Kentucky on a rural, dead-end road about 5 miles from the Cumberland Parkway. Campers were looking for a site to set up for the night and found a skull; After the police were called and a search was conducted they located a nearly complete human skeleton, some hair, and some remnants of clothing.

The coroner determined that she had possibly died between 1991 and 1995. Her throat had been slashed, and she had some broken ribs at the time of her death. She was between 25 and 45 years old, slender, a few inches over 5 feet tall, with short, medium brown hair. She had synovial joint pathology in her bones, meaning that she had limited movement and strength in her wrists. She was wearing a denim skirt, white sneakers, and a reddish colored spandex top.

So far over 40 people have been excluded in the ongoing attempt to give her back her name.

Please contact the Pulaski County Coroners Office with any tips or information 606-679-1850


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