Jacob Tipton – Recovered

On August 23, 2016, 25-year-old Jacob Tipton left the apartment he shared with his brother in Berea, Ky, for a night out with his friends. He’s not been heard from since.

Two weeks after anyone had seen Jacob, his SUV was located in the parking lot of a cemetery in rural Hart County, Ky. This is over 100 miles and 2 hours away from his home. According to Jacob’s mother, he had no connections to Hart County that she knew of. So there’s not really a good reason as to why HE would drive there himself.
The SUV sat for weeks in Hart County before it was towed to a used car lot and cleaned (they were reportedly going to put the car up for sale) before police realized it was part of a missing person investigation.

Jacob Tiptons’ SUV

There isn’t much in the ways of readily available information regarding Jacob’s disappearance. All I can really comment on with any confidence is the complete lack of communication between law enforcement. How can you not know that a vehicle isn’t part of a missing person case unless you just don’t run the license plate? Also, I haven’t really been able to find anything relating to the cooperation of his friends. If he went out with friends on the night he disappeared, someone had to be the last person to see him. More than likely, one of them is hiding something.

His mother lives in Florida, and from what I have read, she seems to be the only one actively looking for her son. There is actually a very comprehensive interview with her by the Vanished Podcast if you want to take a listen. It’s heartbreaking to hear her go over the frustration of her sons’ case and the lack of investigative works that have taken place.

As usual, if you have any information, please contact the Berea Police Department at 859-986-8456.

**UPDATE** On March 17, 2020 Jacob Tipton’s family confirmed on facebook that his remains had been recovered. Strangely there hasn’t been any coverage on this turn of events by the police.

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