Knox County Jane Doe – IDENTIFIED

October 1, 2018: Knox County Jane Doe has been identified as Espy Regina Black-Pilgrim! Read more about it here!


NCIC U151003575.

ME 85-04-077.

Numbers and no name.

That’s the identifiers used by agencies to give the unidentified woman found in Gray, Ky a ‘name’. She is also known as the ‘redheaded’ Knox County Jane Doe. On August 1, 1995, her body was discovered hidden inside a discarded refrigerator in a rural dump site off of US 25E near Gray, Ky. The refrigerator was an old, white, Admiral model with a ‘wonder woman’ sticker on the front.

Inside was the nude body of a woman, wearing only 2 pairs of socks and two golden pendants, on separate chains: anĀ eagle and a heart. She was freckled and fair skinned, with red hair and hazel eyes. Small in stature, at around 4’11 and weighing approximately 100 lbs. There was a scar above her navel and a 1.5-inch tan birthmark above her left ankle, on the back of her leg.

The coroners’ examination provided that she had died of asphyxiation, but there were no ligature marks or any other bruising to suggest strangulation. So the theory is that she was put in the refrigerator, where she slowly suffocated.

It was reported that the woman was seen the day before at a truck stop in Corbin, Ky, attempting to get a ride to North Carolina.

LE believes that she could very well be the victim of an alleged serial killer dubbed the ‘Bible Belt Strangler‘, responsible for a string of homicides known as the ‘Redhead Murders‘.

Currently, a family from North Carolina has been in contact with the KSP, and DNA samples have been taken to compare with Jane. I’m very hopeful that this will give her back her name, and give a family missing their loved one some answers. As of today, there have been no results announced.


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