Lori Feltz – RECOVERED

“Everything stops… Everything has stopped.”

At around 9:11 AM on December 26, 2016, 58-year-old Lori Feltz left her home on Hick Hardy Road in Cynthiana, Ky with intentions on walking the nine hundred or so feet to her sisters’ house. It was something she did on a daily basis without incident but when she hadn’t arrived by 9:50 AM her sister grew worried. She and Lori’s in-home caregiver began looking for her immediately thinking that maybe she had wandered off on her own. Their thoughts at the time were that she had become confused due to the traumatic brain injury she’d suffered in the past.

LE was contacted soon thereafter, and larger searches began nearly immediately. They scoured the 600-acre farm that was behind the homes of Lori and her sister on foot,  while helicopters flew overhead. They spent a few weeks searching the properties surrounding the home, it was exhaustive and done in cooperation with 19 other counties using their own resources to assist, but nothing, not even a hint of her was found.

The lack of any evidence pointing to her being on the property has led her family to think that she may have gotten into a vehicle that day.  Maybe she’d became confused and flagged someone down for help. Lori wore an identification bracelet with her name and familial contact information, so if a good samaritan did pick her up why haven’t they called? You would think that that would have been the first thing any well meaning person would have done.

Her family has hired a private investigator, so I hope he can find some answers for them. Lori needs medication daily for seizures, and she has mental and physical disabilities that I’m sure are exacerbating her families fears.

What could have possibly happened to her on a walk of 900 feet in the time frame of 20-30 minutes? Could she have really wandered so far into the outlying properties that she still hasn’t been located, especially given her physical disabilities? Or was she picked up by a passing motorist?

Please contact KSP Post 6 with any information at 859-428-1212.

**Recovered and identified.

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